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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Maag is proud to offer the S Series. This durable screw pump line is perfectly suited to applications with the Process, Energy, Transport and Marine markets. Maag S Series pumps offer a wide range of highly customizable pumps and systems for the worlds most demanding applications. Our world-class distributor network ensures that you will have access to the pump you need when you need it.

We are devoted to your businesss success servicing your needs with world-class products, delivery and best of class expertise. Put us to the test today and contact your local distributor at www. How it Works Maag Twin Screw Pumps are rotary, positive displacement pumps capable of handling various clean liquids that contain no solids. The pump is composed of two sets of opposed screws. During pump operation, the screws on the two shafts are engaged and form a sealed cavity with the surrounding pump casing.

The pumped liquid is shifted axially as the screw shafts turn and steadily and constantly convey the liquid to the center of the pump where the discharge port is located.

Since hydraulic forces on two screws are opposite and equal, the hydraulic axial stress on shafts is automatically balanced. The special profile of the screw flanks with patented technology can ensure fluids pushed with high efficiency, nearly pulsation-free, continuation and good NPSH-values.

Relief valve installation can realize overload protection. With WTG pumps, the timing gear is adopted to transfer the torque from power screw to idler screw, ensuring no metallic contact and dynamic transfer between the screws, reliable rotation and no danger to the pump even when dry-running for a short time.

Separate construction between shaft and screw allows for a choice of materials for each. Twin screw pumps with timing gear WTG transmissions are perfectly suited for transferring low-lubricity fluids, or even abrasive media. The WTG pump series offers no metal contact between the hydraulic components and automatic axial balancing.

Maag WTG Series pumps can be applied in a variety of different operating conditions with fluids that include, but are not limited to: corrosive and non-corrosive, low or high viscosities, clean or abrasive. No fluid agitation No emulsified shear Suitable for a wide range of viscosities. This series is a double-suction, self-priming Twin Screw pump with internal bearings and timing gears. With only one seal, it is easy to maintain and is more reliable.

It can replace a Triple Screw pump at larger flow conditions. Features and Benefits: Meshed power screw shaft and idle screw shaft in the pump casing form sealed chambers Torque is safely transferred by the timing gears. Side inlet, side outlet 2. Side Inlet, up outlet. Its compact, lightweight design can be used to transfer liquid without solid contents, including lubricating or non-lubricating liquids, low- or high-viscosity liquids, and corrosive liquids.

It features a high flow rate, strong self-suction capability, smooth operation, and is simple to operate and maintain. Oil terminals Shipping No metal-to-metal contact Convenient to change the location of the suction and discharge. They are especially suitable for the delivery of various fluids in a wide range of viscosities that are free of solid substances or with a little abrasiveness and at a moderate temperature.

Applications Petrochemical Chemicals Paint and coatings Oil terminals. No metal-to-metal contact Convenient to change the location of the suction and discharge. Primarily used in ship-building and other applications where installation space is limited. This pump casing construction is suitable for applications requiring heating jacket. The axial hydraulic force on the components is compensated by a balance piston. Metal contact exists between the screw profiles; however, there is no metal contact between the screws and casing.

The NTG series pumps are especially suitable to deliver various lubricating fluids with high viscosity, e. Applications Asphalt Heavy fuel oil Petrochemical Chemical fiber. Features and Benefits: Low noise Low pulsation reliability No fluid agitation. No agitation of the fluids and no emulsified shear Suitable for high temperature applications.

Maag multi-phase pumps are commonly used in the oilfields that have untreated streams. The 2MP Series is designed for higher differential pressure and higher suction pressure applications. Applications Crude oil Desert oilfield. Features and Benefits: Reduces backpressure Increased production Quick installation. Multi-phase pumps are boost and delivery equipment, commonly used in oilfields that have untreated streams. In order to satisfy multi-phase delivery of oil, gas and water, containing small particulates, Maag multi-phase pumps adopt a unique screw profile and design along with a special pump casing chamber to achieve boosting for gas in mixture and heat distribution.

In order to meet a variety of adverse operating conditions in the field, Maag multiphase pumps use specially selected materials, hardening treatment and specialty seals. To allow our customers simple, convenient and quick installation Maag can provide a multi-phase skid system that includes filter, valve, connecting pipeline and control equipment.

Where Innovation Flows PSG reserves the right to modify the information and illustrations contained in this document without prior notice. This is a non-contractual document.

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Denunciar este documento. Descargar ahora. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente. Buscar dentro del documento. Double-array ball bearing can offset against balanced axial power. Axial forces are balanced through doubleentry screws. The single mechanical seal is lubricated by pumped medium. Heating of the pump foot is by means of vapor or transfer-heat oil. Pressure Viscosity Max. Pressure Max. Product Temp. B 2MPS H 2MP , , , , , up to Katibi Vanhas.

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