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The title compound, C 19 H 15 ClN 2 S, a divalent organosulfur compound belonging to the class of ortho -mercaptoazo compounds, is non-ionic in nature. For the reactivity of sulfenyl compounds towards biomolecules, see: Fontana et al. Crystal structure: contains datablocks I, global. Structure factors: contains datablock I. To investigate the effect of substituents on the 2'- and 4'-positions of azobenzenesulfenyl compounds Karmakar et al.

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Posted on Jun 3, What are the best books to read before attending Army OCS? PO3 Join to see. Interested to hear what everyone thinks. Doesn't have to be OCS related.. Leadership etc.. Follow this discussion. Responses: Posted 2 y ago. Learn those two things and you will be in great shape.

You will be light years ahead of other students you are competing with. Also, skim over all of America's conflicts. Notice I said skim. When you get to history Doc Campbell has a very unique way of teaching it so keep an open mind. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I just left the course 2 weeks ago. Vote down. MAJ Join to see. OCS is not a grad school level course.

You should be more concerned about leadership at the tactical level. Also memorize your required OCS knowledge. You will be quizzed and tested on tactics and operations. You will also be tested on land navigation make sure you know how to use a map and MGRS and lots of physical stuff running and road marching. The other books are great but a waste of time in prep for ocs SPC Joseph Wojcik. You didn't specify whether they had to be OCS related. PO3 Join to see 2 y. Thank you for the call out!

I have a very extensive library of books you might be interested in. But I would suggest you learn FM 3. I definitely have more. Show More Comments. Read This Next. Sponsored Ad. Join nearly 2 million former and current members of the US military, just like you. Log In Sign Up. Sign Up with Facebook. Sign Up with Google. Sign Up with Email. Already have an account? Log In with Facebook. Log In with Google. Welcome to RallyPoint! Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google.

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What are the best books to read before attending Army OCS?



Army Field Manual 7-8, 3.21-8 or Ranger Handbook


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