An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life. This guide shows how to take apart the Barista to get to the boiler for either repair or maintenance. Starbucks Barista. These are some common tools used to work on this device.

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It is very likely that you will need to prime your machine, especially if it has never been used. I do not know exactly how to do this.

I am in a situation similiar to yourself, in that I too bought a used estro vapore just a week ago that does not have a manual. I can give you insight to the problem with the portafilter though, my estro vapore came with a cracked portafilter, and I needed to get a new one too.

What I did was call up starbucks, they sold the vapore model several years ago. They were very nice, and in fact sent me a FREE portafilter. I did not even have to pay shipping and handling. Happy brewing. Ryan, I actually have an original manual for the Estro now.

Espresso : Espresso Machines Estro Vapore. The deal was too good to pass up but of course it comes with two problems. Secondly, when the pump switch is activated the pump does not draw the water from the reservoir.

I can hear the pump working but there is no suction. Is it possible that the pump needs to be primed? I rather doubt that the machine is clogged because it is quite likely that it has never been used. There is no coffee residue to be seen anywhere and no mineral deposits either and it is extremely clean. Any help regarding these problems would be greatly appreciated. Oh yes, I would like to find a operations manual as well.

Thank you , N. Drip: Braun something or other. Posted April 6, link I am a bit further now. Thanks, N. We look forward to hearing from you. I have lost mine. Could you email me a copy? Thank you. When the steam button is pressed it over rides the pump. To get hot water out of the steam valve all you should have to do is turn the steam knob, the pump will kick on, the brew switch can remain off. The pump needs priming anytime the water supply is interrupted such as cleaning water tank etc.

I have exploded diagrams for this machine if anyone needs them. Happy to email them. Their phone number is There are two different PFs for this machine. Although getting it free is good. I have used an estro vapore for over a decade. It is a really interesting PF that has an on and off position allowing good control and is in all ways a much better constructed PF. Parts are available for the Gran Crema PF where they are not for the cheaper one.

In Fact I do not recommend taking the cheaper one apart as a spring will shoot out and it might hard or impossible to re-assemble. Please note if you call Saeco for parts their database of s doesn't always match their diagrams and sometimes their parts people are not the most knowledgeable. I have had them send me the wrong parts etc. No commercial posting of any nature will be tolerated; only private sales by private individuals, in the "Buy and Sell" forum.

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Usage of this website signifies agreement with our Terms and Conditions. Espro P5 Coffee Press. Not Logged in: log in. Grinder: gaggia Drip: French press. I emailed starbucks, and basically they sent me an email something to the effect of: "If you would like information regarding our espresso machines, coffee makers, replacement parts, repair services and grinders, I invite you to call our experts in Warranty Services at Natasja Would you be so kind and send me a copy of the manual for the Profi Estro?

Natasja Posted April 11, link. I am looking for the manual for the Estro Vapore. Opening the steam valve alone should kick on the pump and prime it as long as the steam button is in the off position. Forum Rules: No profanity, illegal acts or personal attacks will be tolerated in these discussion boards. Breville SmartGrinder Pro.


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There's nothing quite like a cup of good tasting espresso coffee. The Estro Vapore Espresso machine, sometimes called the Barista, makes coffee similar to that which is sold in coffee shops. Coffee from this espresso machine is strong and rich in flavor, while also frothy and creamy. It brews the coffee, foams the milk, and steams the milk to make customized delicious coffee drinks in the comfort of your home and in a matter of minutes.


Estro Vapore Espresso Machine Specs


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