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By Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent. Upload Sign In Join. Create a List. Download to App. Length: pages 4 hours. Related Categories. Book Preview El cielo es real - Todd Burpo. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. This is an easy, quick read with a likeable child who purportedly visited heaven and spoke about what heaven is like. The book is well written and there are some nice black and white photos of the family in the middle of the book.

I decided to read this book because it was written by a pastor, and I thought it would be an account that would be an honest and thoughtful story. Unfortunately, in order to believe this story your have to make some choices in what you want to believe. There was no mention by the doctors in talking with the parents or in medical records that Colton died on the surgical table. Also, there is a time problem. Colton talked about seeing God shoot power down to his dad while preaching.

I find it hard to believe that at no time was this child away from the parents and in the care of another family member who could have mentioned these events or even just overheard his parents talking about it. Other events mentioned by Colton sound more like Sunday School I have mixed feelings about this one. It's been mega popular since it came out, so I had this idea that it offered more proof that Heaven exists.

I don't really need proof, but I was curious. I didn't get the impression that any new evidence was offered, so that left me feeling disappointed. A little boy, barely 4 years old, experiences health issues and needs surgery and during surgery he said he went to Heaven and came back.

He tells his parents what he experienced and they're questioning whether he truly experienced this. His father is a pastor at a church, so he's able to connect his son's experiences with scripture. The boy's descriptions of Heaven are typical - bright colors, nobody is old, God has a throne, etc.

The boy said he met his sister in Heaven and asked his mother if she lost a baby. She's surprised by the question, because they never told him about it, but she tells him yes. The boy is also able to identify his grandfather in an old photo. I don't consider any of these facts as evidence that it happened, but it was still an interesting story.

The storytelling is basic, nothing spectacular. At times, the father's reactions to his son's comments sound exaggerated. The father would say something like, "I was floored" or "I was stunned," but the situations didn't justify it. I don't want to be a skeptic or question whether somebody really experienced what happened in this book or if they made it up. The boy survived a surgery that he wasn't expected to survive so maybe that's all of the evidence that we need.

I wouldn't put this at the top of your list, but it's still worth reading. He later claims that he entered Heaven during that time. His parents are reluctant to believe him until they hear him talking about his sister of whom they had never discussed miscarriage early on and a great-grandfather who had died decades before Colton was born. End of story. And I did. It gave comfort. A quick and heartfelt read. There are a number of other reviewers I concur with so I can be short.

It is a captivating story, and for that reason you power through it. Not every book published is supposed to be of great literary value, some are destined to set their hooks in you and hold on. I enjoyed the informal conversational style. In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter to me if it is true or not, others can debate that. I am happy that it makes me think and question and wonder.

I think that is enough. I will be asking my 15 year old son to read it. We don't take him to church because I was raised as a Catholic and I don't believe it is ok to pick and choose what aspects I follow.

Recently he told me he doesn't believe in God because of the preponderance of scientific info, including but not limited evolution. I guess I need to challenge him to think too! Fascinating story told in a personal and compelling manner.

Thanks for the inspiration! Fact or fiction, it is a good story. If, indeed, a four year old boy went to heaven while being operated on after a ruptured appendix, this book is an incredible affirmation of heaven's existence. It was interesting to read about the events this family went through and the offhand comments and interpretations about the boy's heavenly experience. However, without supporting evidence from other sources, it is impossible to verify any of it.

For many Christians, I'm sure it is very comforting so it is useful to reasure them in times of grief. Colton Burpo was four years old when he needed an emergency appendectomy. Colton heard angels singing, met his grandfather, talked to Jesus and even interacted with his sister his mother had miscarried.

It is difficult to review a book like this because personal beliefs and prejudices strongly influence the reading experience. I picked it up out of curiosity. Even setting personal beliefs aside I found this book a little difficult to read.

I believe that Mr. I am sure it will also be a touching movie which I will not be going to see. Just finished reading the book Heaven is real. The story about the little boy that visits heaven and then comes back. It's a quick read and it's good.

It will make you think. The page at the end, the note from Pastor Todd touched me the very most. I guess maybe at that moment I needed it. Awesome, moving, spooky, and extremely uplifting. This book was so good I basically read it in one sitting plus it was sort of short.

The little boy's journey to heaven and back during a near-death experience will leave an impression on your mind that you will visit again and again. I recommend this book for anyone. I enjoyed this book. It was interesting to read about a near death experience from the eyes of a child. Colton Burpo was only 3 years old when he went to the hospital for what was thought to be the flu.

Colton needed surgery on his appendix. The look in his eyes prior to surgery was death. Colton comes out of surgery and bounces back quickly. Colton doesn't talk right away about his exeprience of meeting Jesus, God and others after he is home from surgery. It takes awhile before he says things that his parents mull over after hearing it.

That is when the start to realize that something extraordinary happened to their child. I absolutely loved this book! This story is about a little boy who survived an illness. After his recovery, he started telling little things that he seen while hospitalized. During his operation, he was able to see his mother praying on the phone in another room and he saw his father get very angry with God.

Throughout the story his parents question where the information is coming from. His Father was a preacher, but he never went in depth about God with the little boy because of his age.

This was an amazing story! It was a nice story, inspirational, and a quick read. Best thing about it, for me, was that it was set in Nebraska. Not necessarily a combination you expect. But, that is exactly what this story is The book is written by Colton's dad, a minister from Nebraska, several years after the actual experience. So - it travels forward and backward throughout the book.


El cielo es real

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El Cielo Es Real (Heaven Is For Real)

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El cielo es real: La asombrosa historia de un niño pequeño de su viaje al cielo de ida y vuelta




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