Back in the early s I wrote half a dozen tunes during a span of about two years, a couple of which have become popular. There was incentive to create tunes, because if you made a good one, it might be taken up by what was one of the most entertaining Grade 1 bands in the world. They never came easily to me and were invariably built on one good idea followed by a lot of difficult, obsessive work. It seemed important to me that if one is going to make a tune it should be as original and interesting as possible. Lots more of my tunes went into the bin than were ever published.

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The website pipetunes. The work, experience and finances that have gone into creating it would surprise you. The efforts required by composers to create this music would inspire you. The site will continue to operate and evolve and provide unparalleled access to new and old pipe music if and only if clients follow the following simple guidelines:.

Insist that fellow pipers and students support this site. The site will be easy to use as long as I don't have to incorporate unwieldy security. While I hope it will never come to this, I will not tolerate abuses to these guidelines. A system in in place for pipetunes. Thanks for your support. I look forward to enhancing and expanding the bagpipe sheet music and recording services offered by pipetunes. Dear Mr. McGillivray, Thank you for all that you do for the world of bagpiping!

I have purchased many of your wonderful products. Would there be a recording of yourself playing this beautiful tune that we could purchase as an mp3? Sincerely, Pierre Ogea Thank you for your kind words, Pierre. Sometime in future I will put a recording on the site. Jim … my friend … I am so glad that you came up with this. Thank you. This particular tune is mine but most of the harmonies on the website were created by Janette Montague.

Buongiorno Jim. Ho ascoltato con molto piacere questa jig e la sto imparando sulla GHB. Molto orecchiabile e… fantastica! Thank you, Stefano. I appreciate your kind words about my tune. I write in English, now. I have yet to perfect the third and the fourth part. Bye bye. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Tunes Instructional Videos Pipes Ready!

Pipes Up! Tune Title. Composer Select View All A. Bain A. Beaton A. Duff A. Ferguson A. Harper A. MacNeil A. Lee A. Muir A. Scholefield C. Bowman D. Campbell D. Galbraith D. MacLellan D. MacMillan D. MacArthur G. Milton G. Hemy H. Hopkins H. Cameron Ian Lawther Ian P. Braidwood J.

Chisholm J. Gillan J. Gould J. Graham-Campbell J. Haugh J. Hughes J. Livingstone J. Tait J. MacGregor J. MacInnes J. MacKinnon J. Murray J. Scott Skinner J. Sutherland J. Forsyth Malcolm M. MacKenzie Malcolm R. Burns P. MacLeod Peter R. MacLeod, Jr. Pipe Major A. Sherman R. Browne R. Campbell R. Brown R. MacKay R. Lowry R. Prichard Roddy S. MacDonald R. Agnes St. Fraser W. Gardiner W. Grant W. Gray William Grieve W. Ross W. MacDonald W. Monk W.

Robertson W. Arranger Select View All A. Reset Search. View Latest Tunes. Sheet Music. The site will continue to operate and evolve and provide unparalleled access to new and old pipe music if and only if clients follow the following simple guidelines: 1 Download files for your own personal use; print multiple copies only for tunes being learned within your pipe band or taught to your student. Cancel Accept. Sound File.


Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward

Platinum Sponsors. Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward. I've noticed a discrepancy between a couple of versions of this tune and I was wondering if some knowledgeable person hint hint might be able to set the record straight. McGillivray himself plays it as 'GAG'. So, which is the definitive version of this great tune? Thanks, DC.


A tune for Father’s Day






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