As loop testing, the function has low and high test current options with the default to low current to avoid inadvertent tripping of RCDs. It also has Ramp Test and Auto test where all results are shown on one screen. Touch voltage limit can be selected for 25V or 50V depending on application. Earth Measurement Using the classical Volt-Amper method with two auxiliary earth spikes and without external power source. All test leads and spikes are supplied as standard accessories. Phase rotation KEW can check the phase rotation of three phase lines with clear indication of the sequence on the display.

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If you create an account and log in you will get personal and extended information from Beijer Electronics. If you need more information, please contact our customer service. Forgot your password?

Click here. Drawing by Crevis. Use 3-wire sensors with ST always. Actually, its update time is remained at 10Hz approximately Answer See point 2 in pdf. This value are compared with the value from ST The example shows how to change the default setting for ST Both modules are equipped with 20 pins connectors.

Manuals, IO Guide Pro and the cataloge shows like picture! Use the table for ST The manuals, Catalog and IO guide pro will be updated. ST is a 2 channel relay output module with Manual override function for both two outputs.

ST is a 1 channel analogue output module V where the analogue output signal manually can be set to desired value. Both modules are developed especially to meet requirements in the Building Automation industry where manual override is a request for many applications. We have try to change the watch dog timer 0x Still problem. Update can be done at service department. The watchdog function is now default. Disable the watchdog: set the 0 at register 0x d.

All modules should be counted, even power modules! Following modules have no cpu for identity are not counted at online mode in IOGuidePro. The modules has no CPU for identity. Read the value:. Resources Factory settings IP-adress This is explained further down. Baudrate Select Switch change baudrate and Addressing type.

Fixed Addressing occupies 4 stations. Example, Number "1" of Rotary switch occupies 4 station and baudrate is Kbps. Example, Number "9" of Rotary switch occupies minimum number of stations and baudrate is 10 Mbps.

From manual. In the NA there is a system area of 2 bytes reserved. Analog unit and special module. You can have max 16 analog in and 16 analog out.

When network error cable error, no power to cpu, plc is stopped the output are cleared default setting. This function are supported from Firmware Version 1. Delivered in NA with hardware 1. Special register 0x is used to control the output status at communication errors.

What would be the right way to confirm that we have communication with NA through EtherCat? When you look under Diagnostics on NA in the specific slave configuration the Current State will change depending on communication status. Normally we use Operational 8 as a confirmation that we have established communication with slave. Tested with IOGuidePro ver 1. Input Process Image mode always retains its position. Module setting is changed at: - change in the node add or remove module The settings are retained when replacing the module eg, ST against another ST If NA are exchanged, all settings must be done again.

All network adapter work at the same way. Another option: - Set the 0 value for watchdog time, Default is It would be set "infinite", It will do not fault action. Depending of : - all the possible addresses. RS system may implement a larger number of devices. Use Westermo repeater RD Resources Attached documents describes following;.

For further details about the settings in the OPC-server refer to the User's manual chapter 7. Document was made to ease the connection between the NA and BFI inverters using the programexample found in related links. Example: change Pt to Pt in ST NA is a replacement for NA Download a configuration as shown in the picture.

Then I have IO:t in the address field of Then run everything automatically, no code needed. Simplest possible solution! Modules with 2 byte 1 word area for parameter setting can be set with Modbus Slave Init. More information in the pdf! Which is supported by PIO. The projectarchive is meant to be used as a quick start of applications. As the project contains one slave node with correct functioning settings, simply duplicate the slave node to as many as you have and change node number accordingly.

Drawing for teh connection cable, see manual. Specified colors do not match with the delivered units. This Certificate is valid until The purpose of this use is to suppress conductive emission of FnIO Series. If you use other noise filters, our DNV certificate will be ineffective. Version 1. Upgrade Firmware 8. To be used in CoDeSys. Current version: 3. IOGuidePro is development from Crevis. Software has both on-line and off-line functionality and include all S-series Network Adaptors.

IO GuidePro ver 1. Fixed in version You'll get more If you create an account and log in you will get personal and extended information from Beijer Electronics. New user? Sign up here Forgot your password? Log in Username Password. Facts Resources Print. Contact sales Contact us. Email address. Telephone number. Your message. Cable assembly. More resources.

Drawing by Beijer, - E1 Drawing by Crevis. Missing value in the manual, 53h:NILG. Technical specifications:. The transistor module for FnIO have max 0,5 A per output. This is for resestiv load. If I use a lamp there are other restriktions. Max lamp load? Answer Max 0.


AN7188A Example. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



LED Display:Dot Matrix:8X8:LTP-7188A



UVP-7188 Datasheet


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