The Circle Orboros is the most ancient unbroken human organization extant in western Immoren consisting of druids and their allies dedicated to limiting the spread of civilizations and protecting the wilderness of Caen. While the druids rely on the Devourer Wurm for power and are often confused as priests of the Devourer Wurm, the druids of the Circle wishes to keep the Wurm occupied in battle with Menoth. Recent events such the spread of dragon blight ,renegade blackclads conspiring to aid the return of the Wurm as well as the inexorable spread of civilization threatens the goals of the Circle and many blackclads insist violence on any scale against civilization is justified to avoid the impending doom. The Circle Orboros was founded after the fall of the Molgur tribes and the rise of the Menite priest-kings to keep the balance between the rising civilization and wilderness of Immoren. The circle used various methods ranging from creating disasters to more overt methods such as murder and assassination to keep the Human nations fractured. Thousand Cities Era was advantageous for the circle as humans were divided to many city-states and fiefdoms that were in constant conflict against each other and the circle stopped any of these from becoming a threat with the exception of Caspia and the Khardic Empire.

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The Circle Orboros is for your earth lovers and people who want an army of every kind of mythological monster you can think of and then some or an army of stone men. It's also an army for furry lovers, given the amount of naked furry flesh offered by the Tharns and warpwolves werewolves in disguise! Essentially, the world has a set of leylines that flow through across the land, and construction of things like cities disrupts them. The Circle believes disrupting too many of these will attract the attention of an aspect of the Devourer Wurm and will wipe out all life in existence.

They're convinced it's worthless trying to talk and explain why it is what they do and instead act all needlessly mystical and such in the name of the greater good. Are they even right? Who knows, it's one of those things Privateer Press probably won't ever answer since leaving it open creates some ambiguity. This has of course annoyed a couple of people, the Trollbloods most recently and now the Circle finds itself fighting every faction out there, trying to hold out while achieving their aims.

You can't say they aren't determined. Circle armies are hard and fast hitting, focusing on magic and speed over staying power. What is fun is that they have a variety of different force to chose on, the creatures mentioned above griffins , werewolves , satyrs, etc ; big constructions of enchanted rock; wild savage tribesmen that worship a devouring god; and the circle's druids and men itself. The option to theme your army or mix and match appeals.

Potential attachment - Overseer: can make the unit immune to most elemental effects or drop an impressive AoE nuke. Potential attachment - Stone Keeper: hide the stones to protect them, allows them to spread more. Potential attachment - Tharn Ravager Chieftain, makes them hit harder. Potential attachment - Tharn Ravager Shaman, shoots lightning.

Potential attachment - Warpborn Alpha: makes the skinwalkers be able to attack twice and eat their enemies to regenerate. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Categories : Privateer Press Warmachine. Too much money? Support 1d4chan. Wiki tools Wiki tools Upload file Special pages. Page tools Page tools. Userpage tools. Categories Categories Privateer Press Warmachine.

Warmachine :.


Hordes/Tactics/Circle Orboros

The Circle's playstyle is quite trolly, run up through terrain, strip off your defensive buffs, smack you really hard, then run back through terrain while creating more to pin you down. Circle frequently causes headaches for armies like Skorne and Searforge who already struggle against terrain, have issues with armies with lots of Pathfinder and then the Circle which has near universal Pathfinder and can create terrain and cloud cover because its important you can totally justify our trollface than letting them play a game with their models. That said Legion of Everblight and to a lesser extent Cryx can shrug off your terrain and cloud creation as well as some of your other tricks making those 2 factions demand a different playstyle. Circle warbeasts come in 2 distinct flavours, Living and Construct. You can run a mix, in fact its quite useful as they cover each other's weaknesses, but its often a case where you will see Circle lists being either Defenders Of The Wild, Tharns and Wolves, and lastly Sticks And Stones. Defenders of the Wild is considered the weakest style at the moment, you use Wolves of Orboros, Reeves and infantry warlocks to push your horde forward and jam up your the open spaces on the board with models to force your opponent into terrain where you can freely use your mobility to kite them out. Tharns and Wolves is a bit similar to Defenders but is more competitive by going heavy on the Tharn, a race of primitives that sort of shapeshift into nasty beastpeople when they get mad, it also means using lots of the Warpwolves to back them with serious hitting power units.


A Beginner’s Guide to Circle Orboros

Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! Hey guys, BigVik here with another installment in my series of articles overviewing the factions of WarmaHordes. This week we look at the mysterious Circle Orboros. The Circle Orboros is the oldest continuous human civilization.

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