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SiliaSep accessories 21 SiliaBond Advantages of functionalized silica over polymer 23 Metal scavengers Microwave assisted scavenging Increasing scavenger efficiency Scavenger selection chart Common organic reactions Sorbent selection guide SiliaPrep accessories Word from the President Dear valued Customers and Partners, You have in your hands our new catalog. It is not the only thing that is new at SiliCycle.

Indeed since the last edition of our catalog, SiliCycle has gone through remarkable growth. We have experienced marked increases in sales and expanded our customer base and product portfolio, and we have solidified our distribution network by teaming up with partners worldwide that have great knowledge and experience in chromatography and in organic synthesis. This trend shows no sign of slowing down.

In , SiliCycle will move into its new state of the art facility to be able to sustain its growth. Our production capacity will quadruple. Also we are looking to establish production facilities, warehouses and technical support centers in the USA, Europe and Asia.

All of this to better serve our customers and partners. It also means that we are looking to hire exceptional people with great knowledge in chromatography, organic synthesis, and sales. Please have a look in the corporate section of our web site to see our job openings www.

Quality, as always, continues to be of paramount importance. SiliCycle will obtain the ISO certification before the end of This is important for us because it shows our determination to continuously improve ourselves and our products.

The environment being a corporate priority, SiliCycle is striving towards reducing the impact of its production on the environment and constantly improves the companys environmental management by investing a part of its operating expenses in environmental projects. To conclude Id like to join all of SiliCycles team in thanking you for your support and your continuous trust.

Youre the reason behind SiliCycles success. Thank you for doing business with us! Opportunities for Distributors SiliCycle has established many partners-distributors in different countries. However there are still market sectors where we are actively looking for partners. Also SiliCycle is interested in working with you to supply custom products to support your vision and to serve your customers.

Contact us and we will be happy to explore the possibilities with you. The particle size of the standard microns flash chromatography product SiliaFlash F60 compares favorably with the overall industry average of microns. This ensures more uniform flash column or cartridge packing, as well as better resolutions and separations.

The importance of the particle size distribution varies depending on the type of chromatography being done. For instance, it is very important for HPLC that the particle size distribution of the spherical particles being used be very narrow.

When selecting a silica gel, chemists need to remember that not all m gels are the same. The figure on the right shows the distribution curves of SiliCycles SiliaFlash gel compared to three other manufacturers offlash silica gels. All products were sold as m gels. Comparison of particle size distribution between SiliCycle and three competitors The two key points of the graph are theheight of the volume differential diff and percentage of particles below 40 m.

The SiliCycle curve has a much higher percentage of particles between m and a very low level of small particles below 40 m or fines. Fines increase backpressure that can result in clogging which is particularly dangerous when using glass columns.

Fines can also pass through filters and contaminate final products. No fines give a more regular, stable, and reproducible chromatography bed that gives a faster and more even flow rate for better separation. SiliCycle has the lowest level of fines on the market. Today almost all silica gel manufacturers sell a form of m gel but not all gels are equal.

The connection between particle size distribution and column performance is very simple. When the range is broad the column packing is uneven. Some parts are composed of only large particles where the solvent will flow fast and meet little resistance, and there are sections composed of small particles where the solvent flows slowly and meets great resistance.

As a result, the solvent will take the path of least resistance through the column and flow around the pockets of small particles instead of straight through the column. This uneven flow greatly affects the separation because the compounds will have different retention times depending on their flow path through the column when they merge. As they exit the column, the compounds will give broad and poorly separated peaks.

The figure below visually illustrates the ef fect of a wide versus a narrow particle size distribution. A narrower particle size distribution will give a more homogenous packing that will help in collecting more concentrated fractions and in reducing solvent consumption, which will ultima tely be more cost-efficient. Effect of fines left on elution compared with silica gel that has none right. Irregular silica, dependent on its method of manufacturing, normally contains trace quantities of a variety of metals, which in turn can affect the separation.

Sodium, iron and lead are particularly problematic and cause peak tailing. SiliCycle proprietary technology generates a silica gel with the lowest trace metal content on the market today. As shown in the table presented on the next page, trace metal concentration in SiliCycles silica gel is significantly lower when compared to flash silica gels from other manufacturers. Our low trace metal content ensures you get optimal performance from your chromatography. Tight control of trace metals on every batch also improves your reproducibility and reduces risks of interaction between metals and desired compounds.

The narrow particle size distribution, the low level of fines and the reduced concentration of trace metals offered by SiliCycle optimize your separating power, saving you time and money. SiliCycle can adjust the pH upon request to help protect pH sensitive products that request a lower pH.

Stable water level content: Water level of silica gel is affecting the selectivity of the silica. SiliCycle SiliaFlash has a water content of 4. SiliCycle can adjust the water level upon request. High surface area: Higher surface area provides higher separation power. It is also our standard starting material for the SiliaBond functionalized silica gels. SiliaFlash silica gels also offer these advan tages over competitors products: Neutral pH: The pH of our SiliaFlash silica gels is kept between 6.

This compares advantageously with the pH of 6. A neutral pH is needed to separate pH. The SiliaCartridger is a small equipment that llows the packing of flash cartridges quickly and a effectively. These cartridges can then be used on any commercial equipment with the use of simple adapters. Each cartridge can be packed in less than 30 seconds. The packed cartridges give very good separations on par with commercially available cartridges at a fraction of the price.

You can choose between a large fluidization vessel for standard flash silica gel and a small one for packing reversedphase materials. Enables the easy integration of the SiliCycle cartridge adapter set into existing technologies. Si Optimize your separation conditions by using the same silica as in your flash column or cartridge.

For your conve-. We also offer reversed and specialty phases plates. SiliaSep cartridges are compatible with every commercially available system.

You can increase the reproducibility of your separations by using the same silica gel for all your flash systems. By using our SiliaSep cartridges, you will not only save time and money but you will also generate higher purity samples and reduce the number of false positives in your screening, resulting in higher quality data.

All our flash cartridges are packed with sorbents based on our fines-free UltraPure SiliaFlash silica gel which has the highest purity on the market. When using our SiliaSepcartridges, we guarantee you the following benefits:. To better suit your needs, SiliCycle SiliaSep cartridges are available in a wide variety of sorbents: normal phase, reversed-phase, ion exchanger, and fluorous phase.

The hydrophobicity of the sorbent is an important parameter when selecting the sorbent. As a general rule, the stationary phase hydrophobicity decreases as follow:. SiliaSep available silica weights: - 4g - g - 12g - g - 25 g - g - 40g - g - 80g - g. Our cartridges present a high purity alternative to the other cartridges available on the market. You will have great value because our cartridges present the following advantages:.

Si Using SiliCycle SiliaSep cartridges, you can purify your sample based on different mechanisms depending on the properties of your compound. Because we can provide cartridges packed with our SiliaBond functionalized silica gel, you can choose exactly the cartridge that will fit your need.

The chart below is designed to serve as a guide in sorbent selection by considering the characteristics of your sample. Our flash chromatography products offer high levels of performance and reproducibility. The flash media consistently has a tight particle size distribution with low fines and extremely low metal ion content, for more predictable and easier separations.

Our new high performance SiliaSep HP flash cartridges are packed with small particle silica gel. These cartridges give extremely high resolution and increased loading compared to our regular cartridges. These are perfect when some compounds elute close to one another and for your most difficult separations.

Loading capacity depends strongly on sample mixture and elution protocol.


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