Whether you have to manage temperature, flow, valve positioning or pressure, the Chromalox 40 Series Temperature and Process Controllers provide you with a comprehensive feature list and the flexibility to meet your most demanding process needs. Application needs change over time, but that doesn't mean that you'll need to change your controller. The Chromalox 40 series modular card design provides the owner with the flexibility to alter the functionality with ease. Expansion from 1 to 3 outputs, as well as communications and remote setpoint is easily accomplished and automatically recognized by the firmware. The optional ChromaWareTM configuration software allows the owner to program multiple units efficiently and store parameter settings for later use.

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I have a Chromalox heater and the Tempererature controllers and Both controllers has the RS hook-up. I would like to know how to communicate with these devices. The devices themselves can function as an stand alone units with PID controller installed. These devices can be used with automatic or manual control.

I would like to set it on automatic and control it from Labview. I am currenlty using the Fieldpoints modules with Labview I have several questions: 1. Would I then just use the RS visa? I have looked at the forum on the subjects and find bits and pieces of info.. I would like more directions. Can you tell me which Fieldpoint modules you are using? If you can clarify this, it will help us be able to give you more specific advice.

I took a look at your controller. It looks like it supports RS natively. You should be able to use a serial cable directly from your FieldPoint to the RS target device. Then, I believe you will need to use the Optimux protocol to send out commands to your device. The programming reference for Optimux is available here. I am not familiar with programing through this method. When I download the file, I don't know what format it is. Is it a pdf file for me to read on how to program or is it something I need to open under labview?

Sorry, I believe I convoluted the issue here at hand. Let me retract my earlier statement and say this. Your FieldPoint module has the RS port on it, where you can write serial commands out to the device I mentioned using Optomux earlier, while this is possible, upon second thought it is unnecessary. You can then have the RS port write out to your temperature controllers. Is this what you are trying to accomplish? You should be able to wire the connections directly to the FieldPoint module.

Sorry for convoluting the issue earlier. Does this answer your question more closely? Thank makes sense. However, I have two controller, the and the How do I deal with the second controller? Should I use another FP? For the Chromalox controller, only the RS port is available for signal input.

For both this units, I use the analog retransmit option on the controller to sent a signal to the FP modules, in either voltage or mA signal. United States. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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