So far I have finished this tutorial. I explore something interesting. This module Imagine And Shape is really awesome. We can get get any Aesthetic Shape In less consumption of time and lesser effort. Better quality surface. So handy to Design any shape.

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CATIA is one of the most used software in automobile and aviation because of its advanced surface modeling techniques. Popularly its Generative Shape Design workbench is used to design surfaces.

One might wonder why surface modeling is so important. During the conception of a car, this technique is needed to get surfaces as smooth and neat as you can notice looking at the body structure of any car coming out today. We will learn important commands from this workbench. You will find GSD in Shape. We want here to see how to use the most commonly used command for surface modeling.

Extrude, Offset, Sweep, Fill are few of the important commands from Surfaces toolbar. As the name suggests, to create a surface this toolbar is used. I have drawn a spline. Click on the Extrude and select the profile. It will create a surface. You can specify particular direction to extrude. The Offset command is used to create offset surface of a previously created one. Similar to Rib command in Part Design, Sweep needs a profile and a guide curve. It just means, it has more advanced features in it.

Just Select one curve as Profile and other one as Guide curve and see the preview. You will get desired result. Until now we have used open surfaces. Sometimes we want certain planar surface which cannot be extruded, such surfaces can be created using Fill. It needs a closed sketch. Until now, we have seen how to create surfaces.

In next tutorial, we will see how to perform different operations on the surfaces. Check out similar articles Tags: catia modeling tutorial , modeling surfaces in catia , surface catia.


CATIA V5R19 - surface modeling


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Surface Modeling in CATIA


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