Sa Re1 Re2 Ga1 Ga2. Before trying to get the blow,you try to practice the fingering of each note atleast 50 times. After finishing the above exercise, you may try blowing in the following way. You concentrate on fingering exercise as fingering is equally very important.

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The course is made of 5 modules that focuses on the teaching the students to play the basics of carnatic music upto the Geetham and Swarajathis level on the Flute. On the completion of this course, students will be ready to play very simple carnatic songs Krithis on the Flute, thereby making them eligible for the Intermediate level in which they will be learning Varnams and Krithis. One to One, High quality classes through an in-built customized video call application that works on the browser without the need to install any external software like skype or facetime.

There is also a built-in class recorder which lets users record their lessons and playback later for practise. Every student is provided with a dashboard with features to track practice, performance and course progress. It displays course modules, class feedbacks, improvement tips, next class timings and a lot more information.

A calendar that displays the upcoming classes, concerts and other events. A easy drag-drop interface to allow rescheduling of classes to allow maximum flexibility. Course Gallery holds the course ebooks, course related videos, notations, informative pictures and various other information that is regularly updated and maintained.

Completed classes are updated with class notes, improvement tips, practise notes and feedbacks from Guru that are stored in the form of a timeline for future reference.

A music theory Q and A blackboard that is maintained by the Guru to educate the students in music theory. Beginner Carnatic Flute Beginner carnatic flute. Varisaigal Easy 10 hours approx. Alankaram Medium 8 hours approx. Geetham and Swarajathi Medium 10 hours approx. Simple Krithis Hard 10 hours approx. Course Features. FAQ What are prerequisites for this course? Students who are New to music, New to carnatic music, New to Flute, People who have had training in other forms of music but new carnatic Flute.

Please note that the fee differs based the class time slots, the fee payment type and a few other criteria. We will be allocating the Guru and timeslot based on your time preferences within working days of your enrollment into the course. The system has an in-browser video classroom that works on the following browsers - Chrome recommended , Safari.

Firefox and Opera. Bmusician app is available both on Android and iOS. You can tell us your time preferences i. We will allocate you a Guru and timeslot based on your preferences. Please enter as many time preferences as possible. The classes can be rescheduled but are subject to the approval of the Guru.


Beginner Carnatic Flute



Flute Lessons on Carnatic Music 1 [1].




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