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As the operator of a web project you want to be able to give your visitors the best possible content and very good usability, as well as also guaranteeing a high bhi of availability. Review your proxy server settings If you use a proxy server for your internet activity, and you are unable to fix a error by refreshing the page or restarting the browser, and you should check the relevant settings in your browser. Try again later Regardless of which server in the chain of communication is effected, or regardless of the reason why it cannot further process the query, there is nothing that individual measures like etc. Just like with the proxy servers, the most common cause is usually incorrect configuration; a problem which needs to be identified and adjusted as necessary. However, if it so happens that one of the prefixed systems malfunctions, this can lead to the query failing. You simply have to wait until the website operator or indeed the provider responsible has fixed the issue.

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This is how long my beard gets in 18 months:. I have once again seen that in engineering fields, a Master of Science is a more valuable degree than a Doctor of Philosophy. My son who just finished his M. The salary is larger than the salary offered to a new engineering faculty member at UCSC who has a Ph. For that matter, his starting salary would be over three-quarters of my salary as a full professor with a Ph.

It is easy to see why academia has a hard time hanging onto engineering faculty, when industry is willing to pay so much more for shorter hours. He has had serious interviews at 4 companies, so may be getting more offers soon—he is down in Santa Barbara for a 2-day interview right now.

As it turned out, my son got three job offers in the past week, each more lucrative than the one before. He had to make his decision yesterday, which was rather stressful for him, as each of the job offers had its own strong points. The one that paid the most was in Santa Clara, which has a huge concentration of tech firms, but is a bit short on housing for the tech workers—he would have had to do a long bike commute or taken the light rail for about 45 minutes from Mountain View or San Jose.

The company with the widest variety of different contracts and clients and probably the most stability was in Santa Barbara, where he could get housing in walking distance of the office.

This was a difficult decision for him—choosing between three highly paid jobs that were well suited to his interests first-world problems, right? In the end he went with the lowest offer, not the highest, because it seemed to be the most exciting work and the best location—the job is near transit in San Francisco, and he is thinking of living in Berkeley.

It was also the smallest company, being a person startup, so he will probably get a variety of different tasks and relatively rapid promotion. The stock options could become either extremely valuable or worthless, depending what happens to the company in the next two or three years. Berkeley seems to have a few community theater groups, which means he may be able to continue acting, even as he works his day job.

I am going to stop running for a few weeks and reassess my goals. What triggered this change was my annual physical, where I got some of my various aches diagnosed.

There were three main outcomes:. I may never run a marathon—I should have tried 20 years ago, when my body was better able to tolerate abuse and recover from it. RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. E-mail notification. Gas station without pumps May 1 Eighteen months later Filed under: Uncategorized — gasstationwithoutpumps Tags: beard , cancer , funding , St.

Like this: Like Loading Comments 4. Comments 2. Running hiatus Filed under: Uncategorized — gasstationwithoutpumps Tags: arthritis , health insurance , insurance , osteoarthritis , running. There were three main outcomes: It is worth trying ezetimibe in addition to my current rosuvastatin to see if that controls my cholesterol better—it is probably less of a risk than increasing the statin dose.

Experts seem to disagree about whether running is safe for people with hip arthritis, but even those who recommend running agree that one needs to change to low-impact running styles and do other exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles to avoid further injury to the joint.

Almost all recommend working with a sports medicine specialist and physical therapist trained in running and arthritis to determine exactly what is reasonable. Comments 5. Thinking about charity Filed under: Uncategorized — gasstationwithoutpumps Tags: charity.

Currently, the amount I give is modest about 2. My wife and I will be discussing who we want to give to and at what level over the summer when we time to think about something other than work. Here are some of the essays that shaped my views on charity and philosophy. I expect to write future blog posts as I work my way through the list. Search Search for:. YouTube Channel for tutorials. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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BGI 504-0 PDF


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