The device operates between 2. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the device achieves throughputs approaching 1 MIPS per MHz, balancing power consumption and processor speed. Also see the picoPower version: ATtinyA. IAR offers a completely integrated development environment incorporating a compiler, an assembler, a linker and a debugger. Finding the right compiler to support your device is simple:.

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Select whether you want an optional CHG serial adapter note - only the ATtiny has hardware serial support. International customers - please check our shipping policy for international shipping information and links before ordering - COVID has disrupted international shipping!

It provides an ISP header for programming via ISP as well as decoupling capacitors, a voltage regulator, and a PTC fuse protecting the external power supply from a short. The ATtiny is supplied with Optiboot preloaded , allowing it to be programmed over serial like an Arduino Pro Mini. It can be used as a standalone board with female dupont jumpers or header, and the pins pointing up, or with breadboard, by mounting the pins pointing down. Because these chips are less popular, and have a similar pinout, they use the same PCB; a separate header is provided for programming the or Boards for the ATtiny are sold in two versions, 3.

These are pre-configured to use the internal 8mhz oscillator, and internal 16mhz PLL clock, respectively - though this can be changed normally.

Optionally, a crystal can be installed prior to shipping, or one can be installed by the customer if a different speed, or higher accuracy, is required. Boards for the ATtiny are sold in three versions, 3. Bare Board available here.

The ATtiny is essentially a more advanced version of the ATtiny Like its smaller cousin, it can be clocked off an internal PLL clock generated from the internal oscillator, allowing a 16mhz operating frequency without an external crystal. The PLL clock can also be used as the clock source for Timer1, allowing it to run at up to 64MHz, with the same prescaler as used in the x5 series, allowing for PWM and squarewave output over a very wide range of frequencies.

The big difference between the x61 and x5 series is the number of pins, and the special features of the x61 series for driving BLDC motors with 3 pairs of complementary PWM waveforms. LIN is a broadcast serial network protocol designed for automotive applications, and has been in widespread use since the early 's.

The same technology can also be used for general-purpose communication between microcontrollers that support it. A CHG-based serial adapter is available as an option. This will be supplied with a 6-pin cable as shown. These are mass production adapters, however they are a cut above the most common units, and have a switch to select 3. Note that the ATtiny does not have hardware serial support, and no bootloader for that is supplied - it must be programmed using an ISP programmer.

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ATtiny microcontroller comparison chart

The first members of this family were released in by Atmel later acquired by Microchip Technology in ATtiny microcontrollers specifically excludes various common features, such as: USB peripheral, DMA controller, crypto engine, or an external memory bus. The following table summarizes common features of the ATtiny microcontrollers, for easy comparison. This table is not meant to be an unabridged feature list. The following table lists each ATtiny microcontroller by the first release date of each datasheet.


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