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Our company has expertise in providing precision barrel, rack and vibratory silver plating services and is currently employed in numerous industries including the medical, telecommunications, aerospace and electronics industries. Heavy build silver plating services up to 0. APT offers a wide range of silver plating services including matte, semi-bright and bright silver deposits. Purities up to Our company has the ability to underplate with various nickel plating services including both bright electrolytic nickel , sulfamate electrolytic nickel and electroless nickel deposits as well as copper plating if required.

Inhibiting of silver plating services with RoHS compliant post plate chromates and triazoles are available. In addition, nitrogen backfilled and sealed packaging is available to eliminate the potential for tarnishing of uninhibited deposits.

Nitrogen bagging can extend the shelf life of silver plated products indefinitely ensuring low contact resistance and solderability at time of assembly when the packaging is opened. Silver is an extremely ductile metal with a brilliant white luster.

It has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals as well as the highest optical reflectivity in the visible range gold plating is superior in the infrared range. Silver offers excellent high-temperature lubricity making it an excellent coating for antigalling and antiseizing applications on high temperature nuts and bearing surfaces with service temperatures up to F. Silver has been known since ancient times for making jewelry and high-end utensils and is generally considered a precious metal.

In reality silver is more properly designated a semi-precious metal due to the fact that it readily tarnishes, forming silver sulfide on the surface when exposed to air or water containing an oxidant and source of sulfur.

APT can also certify our silver plating services to most company-specific silver plating specifications as shown in our specification database. The plating shall be applied over an intermediate coating of nickel or nickel over copper on steel, zinc and zinc-base alloys. Copper and copper base alloys require intermediate coatings. Copper-alloy-basis metal articles on which a nickel undercoat is not used and other basis metal whereon a copper undercoat is employed shall not be used for continuous service at a temperature in excess of C F.

Adhesion of the silver plating is adversely affected because of the formation by diffusion of a weak eutectic of silver and copper at the silver-copper interface. The plating on nonfunctional surfaces and areas shall be of sufficient thickness to ensure plating continuity and uniform utility, appearance, and protection. On ferrous surfaces the total plated thickness shall be not less than 0. This must be comprised of at least 0.

The copper shall be deposited first over the steel surface. Nickel underplating is also applied for other reasons. The nickel strike shall be 0. The use of organic base grain refining and brightener additives shall be prohibited in both the silver strike and silver plate solutions. A nickel flash shall be used before the copper strike when plating corrosion-resistant steels. Thermal post treatment shall be in air, preferably in a circulating-air furnace.


ASTM B-700



ASTM B 700 – 97 pdf free download


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