Hermayanti, S. Samijean Nordmark, Kalium EKG 4. Tingkat pCO2 yang rendah 30 mmHg mencerminkan kompensasi respiratorik pernapasan kussmaul terhadap asidosisi metabolik. Gas darah arteri AGD. Lemak bebas: kadar lipid dan kolesterol meninggkat

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Askep Diabetes Mellitus. Denia Amoy. As for important specifics in this treatment upbringing handing out covers understanding, background, and diagnosa treatment.

So thereby this treatment upbringing handing out treatment upbringing applicable to at patient a hospital. However, we remain to conscious of limitation in mind us. In consequence we expect constructive criticism and suggestion for the shake of perfection of this handing out. As word cover? Hopefully this treatment upbringing duty can be finalized carefully and can be of benefit to us and reader so that duty PKL 1 we can run carefully and and we can get value that is good, and doesn't disappoint for us and teacher mother giving this treatment upbringing handing out duty.

Background Diabetes often is conceived of the great imitator, because this disease earns about all body organ and generates assorted of the sigh symptom varies. Diabetes mellitus Symptom can arise in lanthanum - farm so that patient doesn't conscious of existence of change of like drinking becoming more, Urinates often nor body weight declines. Term Diabetes utilized to depict existence of urine which felt beloved which is sign typical of disease, Diabetes mellitus Diagnosis usually is thought of with existence of symptom Khas Diabetes Melitus in the form, polyuria, polydipsia, weakens and body weight downwards.

Other symptom like ant, dull eyesight, itchy, hurt difficult to recover, impotensia at man patient, pruritus vulvae at woman patient. Diabetes mellitus otherwise in handles carefully will result incidence komplikasi at various body organs like eye, kidney, heart, foot vein, nerve.

Writing Method Writing method applied in compiles masterpiece to write this is scientific is method deskriptip that is having the character of method depicts a situation objectively during observing patient, starts from document collecting until doing evaluation presented in the form of narrative. To get document required in masterpiece to write this is scientific writer applies document collecting method as follows : 1 Interview Interview is done in allo anamneses with family to obtain data expected.

Writing Scope Referring to the limitation of time, experience, knowledge and limitation of source which writer experienced hence writer focused only at treatment upbringing at client NyS with trouble system metabolism " Diabetes mellitus" in Hospital Juanda, Insinyur Juanda, Mawar Room from 23 - 30 Octobers Understanding Diabetes mellitus Deutschmark be disease metabolik which most hereditary, demham cells hiperglikemia and glucosuria, accompanied with or inexistence of acute clinic symptom and or kronik, in consequence of its the kuranga effective insulin in body, primary trouble lays in metabolism of usual carbohydrate is accompanied also metabolism trouble of fat and protein.

Askandar, Gangren is process or situation marked with existence of dead network or necrosis, but in mikrobiologis is processing necrosis which caused by infection. Etiology 1. Diabetes type 1 a. Factor genetic Patient diabetes doesn't inherit diabetes type 1 itself, but inheriting a predisposisi or tendency of genetic towards the happening of Deutschmark type 1.

Factor immunology Existence of response otoimun which is abnormal response where directional antibody to normal network of body by the way of responding to the network assumed impressing as foreign network. That is otoantibody to island cells Langerhans and insulin endogen.

Factor area Viral or certain toxin can trigger process otoimun generating destruksi selbeta. Diabetes type II Correct mechanism causing insulin resistance and secretion trouble of insulin at diabetes type II still have not been known. Factor genetic plays a part in process of the happening of insulin resistance.

Factors risk: a. Age insulin resistance tends to increase at the age of above 65 years b. Obesity c. Family history C. Sign and Symptom 1. Cataract 2. Glaucoma 3. Itchy from head to foot 5. Pruritus Vulvae 6. Dermatopati 9.

Neurophathy visceral Neurophathy perifer Amiotrapi Ulkus nourotropik Kidney ailment Vein disease perifer Disease coroner Brain vein disease Hypertension D. Hiperglikemia fasting happened as result of produce of glucose that is is not measured by liver. Side that, glucose coming from food cannot be kept at heart though still stay in blood and generates hiperglikemia postprandial after table Diabetes type II. At diabetes type II there are two main problems relating to insulin, that is : insulin resistance and secretion trouble of insulin.

Normal of insulin will tied with the receptor, happened a network reaction of in in metabolism glucose in cell. Insulin resistance at diabetes type II is accompanied with degradation reaction of this intracellular.

Thereby insulin becoming not effective retrieval stimulus to of glucose by network. Brunner and Suddarth, E. Acute a.

Comma hipogklikemia b. Ketoacidosis c. Comma hyperosmolar nonketotik 2. Kronik a. Makroangiopati, about big vein: heart vein, edge vein, brain vein b. Mikroangiopati, about small vein : retinopati diabetic, nefropati diabetic. Neurophathy diabetic d. Susceptible of infection, like tuberculosis, gingivitis, and infection of ureter e. Purpose of therapy in each type diabetes is reach normal blood glucose rate. There is 5 component in orderer executes diabetes : 1. Diit 2. Practice 3. Watcher 4.

Therapy 5. Biodata a. Patient identity Name : Ny. Medical : Diabetes mellitus No. Medrec : b. Responsible party identity Name : Ny. Karangkancana 2. Main sigh Existence of ant taste at foot under, decline tactile taste, existence of hurt that is is not recovered and smells, existence of pain in bone at hurt.

Health History a. Health history now client express that, one day before client is brought to Hospital Juanda rstreet Ir. Juanda, client suffers hurt part of toe, client tells initially the hurt because of existence of infection hurt which caused by knife.

At the time of studied date of 30 oktober , at WIB. Client finger seems to squeezing and seems to going out matter, and always wet.

The hurt can run dry if given drug by nurse and infection can increase or recurrence when patient eats food is earning triggers the happening of improvement of sugar rate in blood. Former health history Client express that before all client have ever experienced diabetes mellitus disease with the same symptom like situation now c. Family health history 4. Generality a. Level Of Awareness full consciousness komposmetis b. Although in a state of patient pain always thanks goodness to situation now and patient trying and praying for its healing.

Proven by client visited by the neighbour. Aspect Spiritual Client tells that client believes in islam dank lien to feel is sorrowful because now cannot execute shalat and reads Al-qu'an 7. Client is likely not balmy. Network integrity trouble relates to existence of gangren at ekstrimity. Trouble perfusi relates to weakens it or lowering of blood stream to gangren area as result of existence of obstruction of vein. The lessen of curative iritatif, lifts rest of wrapping ekstrimity oedema around process patching at hurt and hurt.

Existence of granulation network. Trouble perfusi Purpose : 1.



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