Arcoluz 2. Entremundo 7. Entre Continentes Total time: 62' French bass virtuoso Renaud Garcia-Fons has grown into a living legend, both for his breathtaking technique and intonation as well as his talent as a composer.

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Tracklist: 1. Arcoluz 2. Berimbass 3. Anda Loco 4. Gitanet 6. Entremundo 7. Entre Continentes The virtuoso five-string bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons is widely regarded, not specifically as a contemporary jazz performer, but as a man of the world who proudly wears his ethnic and classical influences on his sleeve. Expert sound engineer Walter Quintus adds to the perfection of this music, and is ostensibly a fourth bandmember.

These tracks flow like dark and shimmering waters moving through lengthy tributaries that branch off in rich prismatic directions, with the journey greater than the actual final colorful destination. Another identifying quality is that of intuitive improvised common sense, honed by acute listening skills and guided by a universal center that knows no prejudice, boundaries, or emotional confinement.

The most astounding sound is that of Ruiz, in essence a flamenco guitarist who extracts oud-like sounds out of his instrument, especially when Trasante is playing Arabic hand drums.

There is an accompanying DVD of these tracks filmed in concert performance, as well as interviews and sidebar shots during the making of this music, with only French subtitles. To not know Garcia-Fons is to completely miss out on one of the truly great virtuoso performers of the modern era, but it only takes a few moments of sincere listening to experience a revelation or epiphany that may well be life-changing.

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Renaud Garcia-Fons, Arcoluz

He has everything: thundering rhythm-driving technique in the low end, cello-like delicacy in the upper register he plays a five-stringed instrument with an extra top string and a mix of western tonality and north African microtonalism. His only weakness has been that he has sometimes hitched these awesome resources to surprisingly routine world-groove materials. But this trio set, including flamenco guitarist Kiko Ruiz and percussionist Negrito Trasante, is a different story. It was recorded live in Germany last summer and the package comes as an audio CD and a movie of the same show. The title track is a quietly impassioned slow arco theme, with guitar flurries under it and some strum-like bow-bouncing from Garcia-Fons that only the video reveals isn't coming from the guitar. Berimbass is a faster flamenco piece that turns into a jazzy pizzicato firework display, and Gitanet starts dreamily but turns into a conga-powered Latin dance.

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More by Renaud Garcia-Fons

Tracklist: 1. Arcoluz 2. Berimbass 3. Anda Loco 4. Gitanet 6. Entremundo 7.


Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio: Arcoluz

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