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Toggle navigation. Joe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2, April in AMX Hardware. April You probably need to look at the panel. I think the only difference in the and is which bezel you have. I have an early that has a button board behind a flat face.

The capacitive buttons actually work if you touch it right. Not that you can't use the wrong direction bezel with good results. The landscape bezel looks better upright than the portrait bezel looks horizontal. The AMX logo will be wrong, but that can come off with a little toothpaste and a rag, using it like rubbing compound. I find it refreshing that they are flexible. Repurpose one by just replacing the bezel and setting the firmware.

If you are working remotely, it would be an ideal time to have system build documentation of what address unit is where, and how it is configured. You could also VNC into one and see its orientation setting. I suspect that there is no remote way at all to tell if it has the button bezel, or for that matter, what color the bezel is either.

Documentation is easier. DHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4, That might tell you what it was when it was shipped, but if it can be re-purposed as simply as changing a bezel, it may not be accurate after-the-fact.

Heck, I swap units out like that all the time if I have one go bad in the field and I only have a different type on hand. As long as it fits in the hole Sign In or Register to comment.


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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. Table of Contents. AMX is not liable for any damages caused by its products or for the failure of its products to perform.


NXD-435P reports as NXD-430 in Online Tree?



Modero NXD-430 and NXD-435 Touch Panel Firmware v2.86.6


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