She wrote her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, in , launching a literary career that spanned decades. In her lifetime, she authored 79 crime novels and a short story collection, 19 plays, and six novels written under the name of Mary Westmacott. Her books have sold over a billion copies in the English language with another billion in 44 foreign languages. Noted for clever and surprising twists of plot, many of Christie's mysteries feature two unconventional fictional detectives named Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple. Poirot, in particular, plays the hero of many of her works, including the classic, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd , and Curtain , one of her last works in which the famed detective dies. They married in

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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Questions About Deset malih crnaca by Agatha Christie. To ask other readers questions about Deset malih crnaca , please sign up. Answered Questions Did anyone else not really like this book? I felt like there were too many plot twists and red herrings. Jackie Allen That's exactly what I like about it.

I love not being able to guess who did it. Often killers are so easy to work out. This one had me guessing until …more That's exactly what I like about it. This one had me guessing until the very end and even then I read back to see what I missed!

Does anyone have a copy of this book under the title Ten Little Indians? My mother said that when she read it in school that was the title it was printed under.

Anyone know why they changed it? Azur The original title was actually "Ten little niggers". There is was? Since …more The original title was actually "Ten little niggers". Since this is pretty offensive it was changed to "Ten little Indians".

This was deemed offensive too, so today they use the last line of the children's rhyme as title and the little figures were changed to soldiers. Information from my copy of the book. I have two versions of this book. One is the English version with the little soldiers. The other one is a German translation of the original version with the N word and a ton of apologies in the preface but also with the last line as title.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [How did Wargreave know that Vera would kill Lombard and return to the house? Also why did Vera put her neck in the noose and how did Wargreave know she would do this?

I don't think Wargrave knew exactly who would kill who. However, at this point of the story where there's only two persons left to face each other …more 1. However, at this point of the story where there's only two persons left to face each other Remember that Lombard had been in tight places before. This is a person who knows how to remain calm and reasonable, no matter how tight the situation is. Another thing although this is solely based on what I've seen of his character is that Lombard seems to have a good amount of respect for Vera, as a woman.

I might be wrong though, and it may only be a facade that he's been showing her. Vera, on the other hand, is Lombard's opposite. And so she kills him. But that's not where it ends, because the trauma of having just murdered another human being is now setting in, and her mind is now in the worst state possible. Wargrave can see this very clearly, and he knew that Vera definitely isn't mentally stable to do anything even remotely logical e. It was a psychological experiment, as he had said.

Wargrave knew that Vera would hang herself because: 1. If it doesn't turn out successfully, Wargrave will probably have to forcibly murder her by strangling her, perhaps? I mean, they had the rhyme telling them how the next one was going to get killed and yet they did the activity. An example: six little soldiers swimming in the sea, one drowned and then there were five. And one of them goes swimming even though they have read the rhyme.

Mike Penlington This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [As revealed in the final chapter, Armstrong didn't go swimming per se as he was pushed off the cliff and into the sea hide spoiler ].

Why couldn't the guests just watch the Indian figures to see who broke them? Wouldn't that reveal the murderer? Load 5 more questions. Unanswered Questions 8. What is Lombards quote about knowing the chap who built the house? It is marked "read". I want to read some of this book again. How do I open the book again? This book is such a great mystery to read if you are into killers and murder mysteries. I liked how the murders were all planned out and how Wargrave acted like he was dead to seem like it wasn't him.

I think it was interesting that people sent them to that island to die because they all have killed someone in there life time. I definetely would recommend this book to people who enjoy mysteries and solving them!? Load 3 more questions. Ask and answer questions about books! Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


And Then There Were None

With their numbers dwindling, the remaining guests have very different reactions to their situation as everything becomes a fight for survival. As the guests make plans to combat the killer, the body count rises, and dreadful secrets are brought to light. Ten strangers are persuaded to retreat from their troubled lives and travel to Soldier Island, an isolated rock off the Devon coast, where all is not as it seems. Watch the video. Christmas Wealthy philanthropist Rachel Argyll is murdered at her family estate Sunny Point.


And Then There Were None is a mystery novel by English writer Agatha Christie , described by her as the most difficult of her books to write. The book is the world's best-selling mystery, and with over million copies sold is one of the best-selling books of all time. Publications International lists the novel as the sixth best-selling title. On 8 August in the late s, eight people arrive on a small, isolated island off the Devon coast of England. Each has an invitation tailored to his or her personal circumstances, such as an offer of employment or an unexpected late summer holiday. They are met by Thomas and Ethel Rogers, the butler and cook-housekeeper, who state that their hosts, Mr.

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