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S h o r t Overview. S i x radiostation keys en- a b l e the s t o r a g e o f a total of 30 radiosta- tions. The unitis equippedwitha CD driveunit f o r playingstandardCD's. Operating Elements. SteeringWheelRemoteControl no. ThedisplayInthevehicle seevehicleope-. I digit display.

D reversesearchkey. The d i s p l a y s o f the 10digitdisplayare describedintheseoperatinginstructions. The displaysof the 8 digitdisplaycorre- s p o n d t o t h o s e o f the 10digitdisplaywith t h e e x c e p t i o n o f the wavebandand certain radiofunctions.

The unitis equippedwitha s a f e t y s y s t e m againsttheft. A codedradiois o f n o v a l u e to the thiefandthereforeyou s h o u l d c o d e yourunit seethe section"Coding"on page32 and do not leavethe R a d i o o r C a r. The radiois codedbeforeit l e a v e s t h e plant. The unithasa detachableoperatingcon- soleas an additionaltheftDrotection. A LEDin the releasekey f o r t h e o p e r a t i n g consoleblinks O afterswitchingoffthe radioandthe car ignition.

Takethe operatingconsolein i t s c a s e whenyou leaveyourcar. T h e u n i t w i l l o n l y workwith itsoriginaloperatingconsole. Shouldthisbe lost,a replacementopera- tingconsolemustbefirstadaptedby appropriatecoding seesection"Adaptation of the OperatingConsole"on page Removingthe OperatingConsole. Pressthereleasekey G a n d d e t a c h t h e operatingconsole. Refittingthe OperatingConsole. Puttheoperatingconsolebackintothe recessand press onbothsidestolock.

Automatic Switch-On. The radiocomeson a g a i n automaticallywhenthe i g n i t i o n i s t u r n e d. Turn radiooffwithknob O. Keepradiostationkeys [ 1 ] a n d [ 3 ] O depressed. The message"lGNlON"is shownon the display. Releasethe depressedradiostationkeysonlyafter the confirmationsignalhasgiven. The unitmaynowonlybe t u r n e d on andoffwithknob 0.

T h e s a m e steps as describedabove are followedto reactivatethe automaticswitch- o n. T h e message"lGNl ON"isshownon thedisplay. The automaticswitch-onis activatedwhen the unithasbeendisconnectedandthen c o n n e c t e d a g a i n to the operatingvoltage.

The unitwillautomaticallyswitchoffone h o u r a f t e r t h e c a r ignitionhasbeenturned. The automaticswitch-offfunctionis. S e t volume. Pullknob O. Whenswitchingon the set,the radiois set t o t h e v o l u m e l e v e l y o u lastadjusted,if this level d i d not exceedthe factoryset basic volumelevel. Adomatic Volume Control. T h e v o l u r n e i s regulatedin accordancewith the s p e e d o f the vehicle.

You can regulate this volume control. Set lhe desiredvolume increaseusingthe searcfrbuttons and. D e p r e s s t h e [ U M L ] key again untilthe confirmationsignal is given in orderto storethe setting. The automaticvolumeregulationis not active in the setting. Youcanadjustthebasa andthetrebleindependentlyfromeach. J Adiustment of the Bass. Depresstheretractableknob ' Theknobretractsout. Depresstheknobto returnitto itsretrao' t e d position. Adjustment of the Treble.

Depresstheretractableknob O ' Theknobretractsout. Depresstheknobto returnitto itsretrac' t e d position. A dif-. DcpreaalngthekeyagainwillselecttheLW w a v c b a n d LongWave.

M a n u a l Adiustment to the Transmitter FrequencY. Touchingthesearchkey willdropthe frequencyby kHz. Touchingthesearchkey D willraisethe. DepresssearchkeY o r untilthe. Keepingoneofthesearchkeysdepressed willsweepthefrequencybandaslongas t h e k e y i s releasedagain.

RDSis a serviceofthepublicradioinstitu-. Inadditiontotheprogramstransmitted, RDStransmittersalsoradiatea d i g i t a l d a t a telegramcontaininginformationwhichis automaticallyinterpretedbyRDSreceivers.

Theradio stationdesignationonthedisplayremains unchanged. Activate RDS. Depress [RDS]O. The symbol"RDS"isdisplayed. The searchfunctionwillnowonly r e a c t t o R D S transmitters. The radiowill automatically selectthe frequencyas w e l l a s t h e r a d i o stationwhich c a n b e receivedbest. Deactlvate R D S. Thesymbol'rgDS';is nolongerdisplayed. Thefrequencyis displayedinsteadofthe. SomeRDSradiostationstransmitregional programs.

Theycanbeallocatedto e a c h. Receptionof a radiosta- tion with traffic is shown on the d i s p l a y b y the s y m b o l "IP". Activate Traffic Radio TP. Depresskey [ T P I. Repeatthesamestepsto d e a c t i v a t e t h i s function. The symbol"[TP]"isshownon t h e d i s p l a y. The symbol"[ ] " is shownon the display whensearchis beingconductedor i f t h e.

Whena CD is beingplayed,the play-back is interruptedby trafficannouncements. The traffic radiofunction TP can a l s o b e activatedduring C D play-back. I n t h i s case, the designationof t h e r a d i o s t a t i o n lastheardis displayedfor 5 seconds. With the automaticradiostation m e m o r y activatedby the [ A S ] fey, the sweep will be continueduntilat l e a s t o n e t r a t f i c radiotransmitterhas b e e n f o u n d , provided the tratfic radiofunctionhas b e e n a c t i v a t e d beforehand.

Aftermemorizing,the r a d i o will switch over to a memoryslot w i t h a t r a f - fic radiolransmitter,providedthereis o n e available. The alternativesTP on or TP off are not memorizedwhenallocatingtransmittersto the radio station keys.

Adjustment of theVolumefor TrafficAnnouncements. P r e s e t t h e votume level for traffic announcements. Depress t h e. The preset. Duringtrafficannouncementplayback y o u. Theradioreturns t o t h e v o l u m e s e t o n l y b y i n c r e a s i n g thevolume afterthetrafficanno- uncement hasfinished. O tey. Hearing Traffic Announcements only.

O totheleftuntilthenormalsoundvolu-. Onlythetrafficannouncements a r e t h e n heardatthepreset v o l u m e. Interrupt Traffic Announcements. Inetrafficradiofunctionremains a c t i v a t e d. EONisanabbreviation f o r : E n h a n c e d. T h e r a d i o u n i t interprets information fromRDSdatafrom alternative radiostationstransmitting t r a t f i c radio. Depresskey [ T P ]. Whena tratficannouncementis given,theradiounitwillswitchovertoa trafficradiotransmitterwhichis i n t h e E O N network.

AutomaticStorageof R a d i o S t a t i o n s.


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